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Ultraback Harness

Here It Is!
The Ultraback Modular Harness. This harness was designed because you demanded it. The Ultraback Harness utilizes the same modular attachments as our popular Ultraback Tactical Vests and the attachments can be used interchangeably between the two.


The Ultraback Harness features the Ultraback modular system which allows you to change the setup and layout of the harness in seconds. The adaptability, design, comfort, and special features make this one great harness!

- Top quality, rugged construction that can take a beating.

- Contouring foam back for extra comfort and support.

- Our ripcord style straps make it simple to get at your tubes. Just give it a pull and the flap peels right down.

- Integrated plastic prevents the mouth of the tube slot from collapsing and helps make reinsertion of empty tubes a breeze.

- Wide belt design with side tensioners keep the harness nice and snug on your body while being comfortable.

- Integrated zippered pocket and clear windowed card slot.

- Removable mask/gear holder strap.

- Subdued olive and black embroidered Flurry Industries logos are harder to see by opponents than bright, flashy logos.


The Ultraback Modular Harness now comes with all of the attachments for setup 1 and setup 2!!! Now you don't have to choose.

- New setup includes a quantity of:
-----2 Tube Holder Attachment Packs (UA2PP100)
-----1 Single Tube Holder Pack (UA1PP100)
--- -1 Harness Tank Holder Pack
-----1 Extender Strap.


Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

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