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The Ultraback System Info

The Ultraback System's (patent pending) modular design empowers the player to configure his/her pack to their current situation on the fly. This allows the paintballer to take as much or as little paint onto the field as needed and remove any unneeded attachments.

The Ultraback System also grants you the freedom to quickly and easily setup your tubes horizontally, vertically or both! You can also run a remote setup if you wish. The picture above shows just some of the configurations that can currently used on Ultraback ball hauling gear. Additionally, all attachments can be used interchangeably between Ultraback System vests and harnesses.

All of our Ultraback System line of products have revolutionary features that will help enhance your gameplay to a new level. Whether you are playing in open games, scenario and big games, or tournaments our gear is something that you will have to experience for yourself.

New and exciting attachments will be coming out in near future.

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